Development Organization: Developed at California State University, Fresno, USA
Funding Agency: Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)
Amount: $9,000.00


The Associated General Contractors of American Education and Research Foundation was interested in creating a case study focused on Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion on a construction site. The context of this case study addresses the situation of a predominantly white construction company planning to execute a construction project in a predominantly black location. This situation presents diversity between the construction company and the community impacted by the project, thus putting the project team and leadership in a position that calls for sensitivity towards diversity and inclusion as decisions are made throughout the project duration.

Learning Objective

The case study categorizes the learning objectives in three groups based on the focus of the diversity and inclusion goal, this is contract driven goals, company-driven goals, and community-driven goals.


  • LO1. Identify the contractual requirements that support diversity in the construction site.
  • LO2. Identify the strategies to meet and track the accomplishment of these contractual requirements.
  • LO3. Identify the challenges associated with meeting contractual requirements that support diversity in the construction site.


  • LO 4. Analyze strategies that translate the company’s strategic diversity and inclusion goals into specific action items in the job site.


LO5. Identify strategies for inclusion to pursue a sense of belonging in the community towards the project.

Research Methods



Strategies for Implementing Diversity and Inclusion on a Construction Site
Calahorra-Jimenez, Maria; Tummalapudi, Manideep; Bhawani, Sagata; Quezada, Jorger. AGC Website (Open Access) [DOI]

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  • Research Team

    PI: Dr. Maria Calahorra-Jimenez, California State University, Fresno
    Co-PI: Dr. Manideep Tummalapudi , California State University, Fresno
    Co-PI: Dr. Sagata Bhawani , California State University, Fresno
    Industry Advisor: Jorge Quezada , Granite Construction