Timespan: January 2022 - December 2022


This project aims to create online and shareable teaching materials modules with a holistic focus on the civil aspects of building construction. Civil aspects of building construction will cover earthwork and drainage.

Learning Objective

  1. Support students learning of earthwork operations
  2. Support students learning of drainage operations

Related Reserch Topics

  • Engineering and Construction Education

  • Related Learning Hubs

  • Introduction to Earthwork
  • Introduction to Grading
  • Introduction to Equipment
  • Equipment Used to Excavate
  • Equipment Used to Move Material
  • Equipment Used to Grade
  • Equipment Used to Rip Rock
  • Introduction to Drainage
  • Culverts
  • Equipment Used to Compact Material

  • Research Team

    PI: Dr. Maria Calahorra-Jimenez, California State University, Fresno
    Research Assistants: Kiet Duong
    Research Assistants: Jasman Jamarei
    Research Assistants: Mallijarjuna Paramesha
    Research Assistants: Agustin Hernandez Espinoza